Some people say that there are no teacup pigs and it is just a nickname given to small sized piglets. However, there are more than fifty varieties of mini sized pigs and these are chosen by people for domestication for the reason of small size of the body. These species have a size of large teacup when they are just born and hence, teacup is the perfect name given to them.

Newborn Teacup pigs can be easily fit into tea cups and their small size will attract you for keeping them at home. They are very social and lovely creatures with great intellect. These can become good pets for you and the size of adult pigs reaches only up to 15 inches. The weight of the animal reaches no more than 100 pounds. There are many pets growing too big within 2-3 years because you can’t predict the actual size of the animal at the time of purchasing them.

Teacup Pigs: Buy them with All Information

The teacup pig you are choosing should be healthy and its color should be according to your choice. The adult pig should not be lesser than 40 pounds in weight as it is considered to be underweight for any kind of pigs. The piglets grow to the full size within a few months. There is a funny thing about pigs that they can reproduce very soon and even before reaching their full size. It might be the reason for pig breeders to give the picture of young parents who can probably get bigger with the passage of time.

You should be very considerable while purchasing teacup pig for your family. There are undoubtedly mini species available; you have to check their authenticity by becoming a smart owner. Your homework is essential in determining the appropriate choice. There are many communities disallowing teacup pigs and you can check up with your society rules to make sure if they allow you keeping these pets. These animals love everyone and you will not repent keeping them as your companions for at least 15 years.